Become light as a feather…

and fulfill your Soul’s agenda.

The 5th Intelligence is the capability to harness and contemplate activity on the levels of mind, emotion, body, and spirit as a single entity, in an objective state, extracting guidance from this innate feedback as you go about the day, taking awareness of biological programs, disempowering beliefs, subtle and not so subtle emotions, and attitudes to a whole new level.

This is hard core self-awareness with every breath.

The four different colored feathers in the logo represent the four faculties of intelligence conjectured from Mikka Barkman’s personal work with the native american medicine wheel and the concept of the four directions (Mikka is a member of First Nations Canada). The four intelligences is a simplified way to describe human nature. Each intelligence could be sub-divided into numerous categories ad nauseam especially with new findings in quantum physics. However, the 5th Intelligence technology does teach the person who practices it, that there is no separation between what is typically called thought, the emotion inherent in that thought, what is happening in the body down to the tiniest twitch, and insights that suddenly make themselves known in monotone flashes…the spiritual faculty.  The practitioner learns about their unique, and natural “internal” ecosystem as they learn to put together the “feedback” from the four intelligences through active and deliberate contemplation, with a few guidelines.

The weight of personal issues in any of the four faculties becomes lighter and lighter as the 5th intelligence is developed.

the fifth intelligence is an action upon an action, a pause upon a pause, an awareness upon an awareness, a contemplation upon a contemplation, a new decision upon a new decision

(Sample 5th Intelligence Focus Card ↑)

The I AM SAFE Experiential Exercise is comprised of four deliberate actions that direct your attention inward in the moment.

It is a consciousness technology distinctly different from the practices of meditation, mantra, and affirmation use. The active contemplation aspect of this technology teaches a person which programs they have running in the background versus ignoring this data and trying to stop this natural flow of feedback. It also teaches that stress can be reduced with a focused intent to do so. Emotional intensity naturally diminishes allowing the observer (you) to contemplate what is arising from within in an objective fashion, enhancing awareness, and encouraging personal responsibility and growth.

 With practice, you will recognize how the observable data from each of the four intelligences is, as a group, correlated to an event or situation in the past. (And learn to discern information coming from the future.) This is due to the brain’s immense associative power. As awareness becomes finely tuned, layers are revealed, and you will be able to identify triggers in your environment, known as “tracks”, that keeps programs running on and off, sometimes creating physical symptoms. This is known as “downgrading”, and it makes programs and their tracks lighter, and lighter, as a feather. Contemplating creates questions, naturally, that immediately generate more data to contemplate. It’s a swirling or vortex effect that is endless.  Answers and solutions to personal issues can be found by recognizing the non-emotional voice of Spirit within all the data. Hence, the purpose of this exercise is to first lower stress to achieve an objective state of observation and contemplation, shifting the weight away from any single faculty.


The exercise is designed to be practiced all day, every day, as you go about your life.

With every breath.

Eyes open and mind alert.

The basic foundation of

The 5th Intelligence Consciousness Technology

is the four deliberate actions of

The I Am Safe Experiential Exercise described below.

Notice how using the first person perspective can have an immediate effect.

yellow feather representing the mind

Intellectual Intelligence

By saying these words, I am choosing to activate my deliberate decision making capacity and to do all four steps of this exercise to lower the stress chemicals in my body.
I am not wishing or hoping.
I am commanding it.
This command is non-negotiable.
I feel the shift in my body.

Any thoughts that are accompanied with emotion like doubt, anger, insult, resistance, defensiveness, criticism, or judgment, etc. are thoughts generated from survival mechanism conditioning.
They are auto generated by the chemistry of biological programs and their stored memory data in my subconscious (See: What Are Tracks).
I am not deliberately thinking them.
These thoughts arise to give me feedback about my unresolved conflicts and when I can contemplate them objectively, I am empowered to see myself in a new way and to generate innovative ideas and new attitudes towards resolving them.

red feather representing emotion

Emotional Intelligence

Construct a Picture
Using your mind’s eye construct and see the words
overlaying what you see with your physical eyes.(Write the words on plain paper to help.)
Focusing on this image allows me to reduce my stress level and to displace emotions with a sense of safety so that I can objectively and quietly contemplate my internal environment as I engage with my external environment.

Details of my past experiences are recorded by the brain to function as a warning signal to avoid experiencing the same conflict again. These are called tracks (free diagram here), and emotion will trigger when my brain has detected this data in the environment. Emotion is an internal signal, never to be ignored, and it is not necessary to express it outwardly onto others. Emotion is chemically generated by the body and the spirit to direct the whole organism to change an attitude furthering personal evolution.

green feather representing the body

Physical Intelligence

Relax the shoulders. Relax the abdomen.
Relax the jaw. Relax the hands.
COMMAND them to relax.
Feel it.
Muscles are voluntary, they do what I command them to do. I can move each area to help me connect to them.

Relaxing a muscle automatically lowers stress chemicals and combined with the other parts of this exercise, helps me to override any fear related to any symptoms. Fear is a subjective state. I can trust the wisdom of my body.

blue feather representing spirit

Spiritual Intelligence

Breathe in to consciously connect to God, your higher self, your soul, whatever is meaningful to you.
This is very deliberate.
Breathe in deeply.
Exhale. Relax.
Deep breaths stimulate the relaxation process.
Listen for that quiet monotone voice of spirit.

The 5th Intelligence consciousness technology comes in the form of a 40 page Guidebook and a set of almost 700 Focus Cards.

The guidebook describes 2 initial goalposts to reach using 10 specific Focus Cards for support. After these goals have been attained, the user chooses which Focus Cards to add according to what they have learned about themself in the initial practice period. Cards are never chosen at random as is commonly practiced with many card decks. The use of volition or the force of will is essential in the meaningful and productive contemplation of that which is arising NOW during this breath.

Focus Cards are 4×6 inches (10.16 x 15.24cm) and designed with plain large text that is readable from a distance. Cards are displayed in the frequently attended spaces of home and office, carried in handbags or briefcases where ever one travels to have constant reminders to pay close attention to the 4 intelligences. You will find 41 samples of the Focus Cards throughout this website.

We all know how the mind never stops. The 5th Intelligence does not stop the mind but trains one how to utilize and extract personal meaning from this non-stop activity and to see it as a natural feedback system that is unique to each of us.

This technology can be used by anyone as young as age 12, though children are always a surprise are they not? Younger children can benefit greatly from the basic foundational practice of The I Am Safe Exercise without the contemplative aspect. This technology is not intended to be used as a psychological evaluation by parents or anyone else for that matter.  It is an entirely self-directed process of contemplation with minimal guidelines touching the sciences of GHK (See: here) and quantum physics. The Focus Card topics and themes could be interpreted in a variety of ways and are chosen by the user based on what resonates with them.

The 5th Intelligence will be available soon for self-printing.

Sample Focus Cards below:


4 steps of the I Am Safe Exercise
I see what mind body emotion spirit do at the same time
contemplate how data is related


For a printable one page diagram of The I Am Safe Experiential Exercise in english, french, or spanish, go here.

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