Mikka has helped her clients to resolve a variety of issues.

muscular pain

emotional challenges

relationship stress

spiritual crises

fear of physical symptoms

self-defeating attitudes

boundary conflicts

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digestive issues

skin issues

conception challenges




parenting challenges

laptop computer on a desk
plants on a shelf

What is the Process Like?

We start with your greatest concerns whether they are physical symptoms or something else.

We also discover your “Favorite Programs”, by identifying patterns, and what that could mean from a spiritual perspective. Make sure you read about what programs are here.

Ultimately, we get down to what matters most…attitudes and personal evolution.

1. Send me an email using the Contact link below.

Let me know what your chief concerns are.

2. We will schedule a brief 15 minute get acquainted chat.

Meeting face to face with Zoom or Facetime allows us to see if we are a good match.

3. You must then complete a lengthy intake form.

I will email you an encrypted, fillable, intake form.

4. Schedule the initial appointment.

We can meet in person or with Zoom.

5. Follow up appointments.

Weekly appointments thereafter are recommended for a period of time on a case by case basis.

Let’s start a conversation.


“Mikka has shown me the essential melding of spirit, mind, and body. She has taught me ways to unify them. Her wonderful teaching skills enabled me to find my core being and spirit using them to make my own suitable, observer-created reality. Consulting with her since 2012, I’ve been enabled to develop into a more self reflecting, socially aware person.”

Lois Adams, PhD.


“Mikka Barkman is an extraordinary (GHK) therapist . She will present an entirely different way of healing to you.

To my astonishment in about 6 hours she healed a chronic condition that had been bothering me for 40 years convincing me that we really don’t understand the truth about our body’s ability to do anything but love and support us. I invite you to step into this amazing new world.”

Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker

Actor, Filmmaker, Writer

For anyone wanting to understand German New medicine and how it can help in any area of their life I highly recommend Mikka. Without her knowledge and insight I wouldn’t have been able to go much deeper than the general principles, at least without the hundreds and thousands of hours that it takes to assimilate the details, of which there are many. She is a kind and welcoming listener and was able to see patterns and connect dots in my life stories that enabled me to understand myself better and assist me in healing old and new wounds. I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with Mikka.”
Richard D.

Business Owner

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