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  • The Ultimate Conspiracy – The Biomedical Paradigm, by James McCumiskey:
  • The New Medicine: Understanding Cancer and Other Biological Programs, by Lars P Kronlob:
  • The Psychic Roots of Disease: A New Medicine, The Five Biological Laws of Nature, by Björn Eybl:
  • The Five Biological Laws of Nature: A New Medicine, by Björn Eybl:
  • Hamer: A Critical Look at Healthcare, by Mr Mark Hanley:
  • factor-L Handbook of the New Medicine – The Truth about Dr. Hamer’s Discoveries: Conflicts-Triggers-Courses regarding cancer and other curable diseases, by by Monika Berger-Lenz, Andreas Kroitzsch, Christopher Ray:
  • “The Virus Misconception Part 1 – Measles as an example” – by Dr. Stefan Lanka:
  • “The Virus Misconception Part 2 – The beginning and end of the corona crisis” – by Dr. Stefan Lanka:

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