The Psyche, Brain, and Organ Respond Synchronously,

As a Single Unit.

GHK is an abbreviation of Germanische Heilkunde, the name given to a natural biological science discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, MD., whose published research began in 1981 and continued until his death in 2017 (36 years).

In the english speaking community GHK is known as German Healing Knowledge, or German New Medicine, or Germanic New Medicine (GNM).

Photo of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, MDSadly, Dr. Hamer and his wife lost a son in 1978 and this was how he was able to first recognize the biological impact of unexpected shocking events when both he and his wife were later diagnosed with cancers.

Subsequently, he was able to verify this phenomenon in thousands of cancer patients through personal interviews. In 1983 when CT Scan technology was invented, he was able to prove and map the synchronicity of pysche, brain, and organ with CT scans of the brain (no contrast dye). His curiosity, passion, and ingenuity, thereafter, made all so-called disease processes 100% predictable.

In other words, his research took him beyond the study of cancer and before his death he covered almost all diseases known to man. After decades of meticulous research he found a total of Five Biological Laws.

Read an interview of Dr. Hamer from 1992 here.

GHK is not a modality. It is not a treatment.

GHK clarifies the fundamental operating system of our biology. It replaces major portions of biology, anatomy, physiology, psychiatry, and pathology that is currently taught at all educational institutions.

It completely changes how we look at ourselves and offers a window into our soul’s journey.

The foundation of his discoveries are outlined by his five biological laws. Since Dr. Hamer used many unfamiliar medical terms in his documents I have paraphrased them below to make them easier to understand.

First Law

All symptoms (whether it’s sneezes, pimples, diarrhea, rashes, or diabetes) are set in motion by the brain due to unexpected, highly acute, shocking experiences that are perceived as a threat to our well-being and they occur outside of our conscious control. In other words, they are not psychological but biological programs.

There is a distinct difference between day to day stress and unexpected conflict shocks that activate the brain in this way.

The psyche, brain, and organ respond synchronously, as a single unit in a moment – the moment of the unexpected shock.

The psyche includes the conscious and subconscious mind, the soul, and the spirit.

The brain activates adaptive processes, called Special Biological Programs, to assist in dealing with and resolving the situation.

The content of this shocking experience determines which area of the brain and which organ will respond.

Multiple areas of the brain may respond to a single event. Dr. Hamer was able to identify both active and resolved conflicts going back to childhood and could tell which relays in the brain were activated together with the aid of CT technology.

child's attention grabbed in a moment
CT scan midsagittal slice of the human brain

Second Law

Every Special Biological Program has 2 phases: the active conflict phase and the resolution phase. The first phase may be of very short duration or last a lifetime. The second phase occurs only after a conflict has been resolved. The 2nd phase is divided by what could be referred to as a healing crisis.

Depending on the tissues described below in the Third Law:

  • tissues that grow to increase function in an active conflict phase will degrade and return to normal when the conflict is resolved.
  • tissues that break down to facilitate a specific function in the active conflict phase will be restored in the resolution phase.
  • organs that reduce their function in an active conflict phase will have their functionality restored in the resolution phase.

Some active conflict phases have no symptoms at all besides cold hands or feet and a preoccupation of thought about the conflict.

Most symptoms occur after a conflict has been resolved when tissues are returning to normal. They are returning to the non-conflict state. The word “normal” really applies to both phases since each serves a biological purpose to support an organism as it goes about life. Conflicts are a normal part of life and the science of GHK redefines the meaning of sickness and health.

diagram of 2 phases in biology

Third Law

There are 4 key areas of the brain that control the Special Biological Programs. These are due to the germ layer tissues from which the organs are derived (embryology). The content of a shocking experience determines which organs and which tissue types are activated.

The old brain and stem control endodermal tissues, the cerebellum controls old mesodermal tissues, the cerebral medulla controls new mesodermal tissues, and the youngest and most complex part of the brain, the cerebral cortex, controls ectodermal tissues.

Many organs are comprised of more than one tissue type. For example: the thyroid gland is endodermal and the thyroid ducts are ectodermal. The kidneys and teeth have 3 tissue types. The eyes have 4 and are, therefore, very complex.

For example: a symptom in the eye is specific to a part of the eye, not all parts of the eye, since each part has specific conflict content and a tissue type correlated to them.  The outer eyelid skin and the cornea of the eye are derived from the same tissue type (ectoderm) and are controlled from the cerebral cortex, but have different conflicts associated with them. A stye is a resolution phase of a specific conflict, controlled from the cerebellum (old mesodrem). Eye muscles are new mesodermal and are controlled from the cerebral medulla. The iris is controlled from the brainstem (endodermal), the retina is controlled from the cerebral cortex.

All organs and their various structures have specific conflict content which is determined by the psyche, is largely unconscious, and is not psychological.

The processes for the different tissue types are integral to the third law, however they are described in a very general way in the Second Law section above to aid in understanding the second law.

All the laws work together.

diagram 4 areas of the brain
germ layer tissues + adaptations

Fourth Law

Each tissue type is comprised of specific microbes: fungi, bacteria, mycobacteria, and so called “viruses.” There are trillions of microbes at work in the body every day that are in a symbiotic relationship to each other and with us.

A microbe specific to endodermal tissues cannot cause a “disease” process in another tissue type. Endodermal tissue actions are limited to the endodermal environment.

Tissue and cell types have specific purposes.

Here is a simplified example using 2 of the 3 tissue types in the kidney. The kidney collecting tubules which are endodermal will grow in an active conflict phase reducing the body’s ability to eliminate water because the water is needed as part of a survival process, due to a specific type of conflict – the shocking experience referred to in the First Law.  This reduces the quantity of – and changes the composition of – fluid that passes through the renal ducts and lower urinary tract tubes but is not due to flaws in these tubes. These tubes are ectodermal in origin and have a different and very specific type of conflict associated with them. The tissue types have processes specific to that tissue type and the organs’ purpose.

You could also think of it this way. When we scrape our knee we don’t grow an endodermal thyroid gland or a finger in that place.

This also means that disease processes do not spread nor are they contagious.

Conflicts, though, could be considered contagious in a sense. It is what happens in a war. And symptoms could start in a whole country when their war ends and appear to “spread” out from there as the other countries also resolve their conflicts.


young boy with bandaged knee scrape

Fifth Law

The quintessence is that there are no flaws in the body, it knows exactly what it’s doing whether it feels good or not.

Every process, noticed or not, and every symptom, mild or severe, serves a meaningful purpose.

For example: A resolution of a self-devaluation conflict can cause muscular, joint, or bone pain due to the rebuilding process in phase two. The body is rebuilding those tissues stronger than they were before to reduce the chance that self-devaluation will occur again in the future. Those tissues will remain thicker for life.

Every program has a biological purpose.

(Sounds like The 5th Intelligence to me!)

mountains and valley of Canadian Rockies

There are well over 100 Special Biological Programs that Dr. Hamer was able to identify and map, using CT scanning of the brain and the organs themselves. It’s been said that Dr. Hamer required many hundreds of cases for each disease process to be verified by personal interviews and CT scan, before he would publish his conclusions. This means that if a person was suffering with muscular pain in a specific part of the body, he could prove in 100% of those cases, that the person was in a resolution phase of a specific type of self devaluation conflict.

For a small sample list of conflicts, click here.

In my experience, working with this material since 2012, the average person has 10- 20 of these programs that, in unique combinations, form their human personality.  I call these “My Favorite Programs”. And everyone has theirs…they make us who we are. This is particularly eye opening when learning to know thyself!

I am no exception. My own programs led me to choose every job, every occupation, every hobby, every course I have ever taken…well every decision I’ve ever made. My body has been the perfect vehicle for my unique life’s journey. My programs helped me to develop my strengths and also to see, through my own challenges, where my spiritual work lies. My brain is the control panel of my physical body, and I believe my spiritual mandate is the overriding authority. I no longer wonder why my life has been the way it has been and why it is the way it is now.

This is one of the greatest gifts of understanding GHK.

All my clients are loving, caring, productive human beings with their unique set of favorite programs, with the challenges big and small that are part of that composition. Being able to look at oneself through the biological special programs of nature identified by GHK, allows for a more objective and therefore, less critical, view of oneself.

Even behaviors like prolific writing, perfectionism, precognition, compulsive talking, chronic lateness, messiness, hoarding, eating disorders, narcissism, submissiveness, forgetfulness, nail biting, hyper-activity, depression, suicide, paranoia, lying, and aggression, can be seen through a new lens.

We do not like some of these behaviors in others or in ourselves, but with GHK we have the opportunity to see ourselves and the entire world in a new way.

We can stop being angry at ourselves for being angry and can now work to change our underlying attitudes.

With the science of GHK, and the development of The Fifth Intelligence, the content of our conflicts shines light and clarity on our soul’s agenda.

Sample 5th Intelligence Focus Cards: 

muscle spasms indicate the resolution phase
sneeze in healing phase
compulsive thinking indicates conflict
agreement is not a requirement of love

Emotion by itself is not the root cause of anything.

We each have a unique spiritual journey, a body that reflects that journey, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that drive us to do the things we do, and emotions are built into all of it.

Emotion, mind, body, and spirit spiral together in every moment. In the same way that psyche, brain, and organ respond synchronously.

This is the essence of our 5th Intelligence.

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