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There is a story behind all symptoms that is much broader and more accurate than “my neck hurts because I slept on it wrong”. Or “I’m sick because I haven’t been eating well enough”.

In the science of GHK, specifically in the first biological law, the first criterion is that all symptoms originate from an unexpected shocking event that one could not anticipate nor be prepared for. Sleeping on a different pillow, eating salad every day, taking daily handfuls of supplements, or working out regularly cannot prevent the unexpected from happening. We can only prepare for situations that we have spent time contemplating upon.

Eating well, whatever that means, cannot explain why the left side of the neck hurts nor why there’s a lump in the right breast vs the left breast, or why a person is near-sighted or far-sighted, or why a child gets diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 4. Food does not cure any of this. The root is the conflict.

We are much more than our body, much more than physical clumps of microbes. In fact, if we had a pile of every element that makes up the human body, it would not become an animated human being without the unseen force of energy that, for the sake of this article, I will call Spirit. Spirit is the life force that permeates the fabric of the universe with its quantum sized invisible particles. We are interacting with this force or field, whatever you want to call it, every day 24/7.

And symptoms do too since they begin with an unexpected conflictive experience that we have attracted into our life.

(Sample 5th Intelligence Focus Card ↓ )

Contemplation open soul communication

Dr. Hamer, the founder of GHK, was not a quantum physicist, but he was a genius. He was able to map the pathways of the psyche – without knowing the behaviors of quarks – within the human body and connect them to the organs and the brain. He even identified a place in the frontal lobe that he called the “psychic window”, where there are no organ relays, but that’s wandering into territory that was left incomplete by Dr. Hamer.

My first point is that conflicts that lead to symptoms are not psychological.

There is something else going on for unexpected events to occur.

The second point that I want to emphasize is that these unexpected conflicts activate biological survival mechanisms. Hamer called them Special Biological Programs of Nature (SBS). The moment we experience a conflictive event, the brain activates adaptive organ processes that even affect how we think.

If a female suddenly has a serious worry for her child, the breast glands (old mesoderm germ layer) will be augmented to produce more milk to nourish the child increasing its chance for survival. Survival of the species depends on the survival of offspring. This is the MEANING or purpose of the symptom. There is no pain while this is happening. In fact, it can take quite a while before a lump is big enough to feel, in many cases. (See What is GHK? Here)

If this woman is biologically hard wired to be right side dominant, and this is established at the first cell division in utero, the lump will form in her left breast. If the worry (emotion) was for someone other than her child or her mother, the lump would form in her right breast. It’s genius that Dr. Hamer pursued breast gland lump diagnoses with enough cases to prove this is true 100% of the time.

This female will also have these symptoms, which occur in every active conflict phase for all 100+ Special Biological Programs of Nature. They MEAN that you are in an active conflict phase.

Active Conflict Phase

    • Cold hands or feet.
    • Unable to sleep.
    • Elevated heart rate and blood pressure.
    • Loss of appetite.
    • Weight loss.
    • Compulsive thoughts about the conflict.

These symptoms give your conscious mind feedback if you develop this level of awareness.

After about 3 months, these symptoms are not as intense. However, with fine-tuned self-awareness of the subtle, we can still see our active conflicts in action via the 5th Intelligence (Go here).

2 women with knee pain and neck pain

What about knee or neck pain?

These symptoms MEAN that you devalued yourself at some point in the past, but now that conflict is resolved. In fact, with focused contemplation, you could identify the moment that the resolution happened within the previous 24 hours before the pain began.

Knee pain is feedback that a “physical performance” self-devaluation conflict has resolved. This is specific to your psyche, and your life. There is not a one size fits all nuance to any conflict activation or resolution. Here are some possibilities:

– You fulfilled an ambition by doing something physical that you always wanted to do.

– You performed better by walking, running, or jumping.

– You meditated in cross-legged position and feel good about yourself for doing so.

– Someone praised you when they previously criticized you, maybe you were able to keep up to the crowd during a hike.

There are 8 billion possibilities, but YOU accomplished something physical. This is specifically what the knee is about. The pain MEANS that your body is now rebuilding the knee structures to make them stronger than they were before to reduce or stop performance self-devaluation. This also MEANS that you should rest to let your body do what it is doing. This also MEANS that an attitude adjustment is in order.

Neck pain MEANS that you resolved an “intellectual” self-devaluation conflict associated with either your mother or child, on one side, or with a partner, on the other side.

– An unfair situation was corrected according to how you viewed the situation.

– You won a lawsuit.

– You graduated after some struggle to do so or after being told by someone close to you that you were too stupid to do so.

– You felt insulted but that was corrected.

– You made a costly decision in the past and corrected it.

This is the specific conflict theme related to the neck. Again, there are many possibilities. The pain MEANS that your body is rebuilding the structures, as with the knee. And that an attitude adjustment within this theme is in your best interest.


I’ve written an ebook about muscular pain that covers all the areas of body and what they mean. (See: eBook)

In addition to the specific organ and germ layer behaviors in the resolution phase, these symptoms are always present to various degrees. Resolution phase symptoms are equal to the intensity of the conflict. They MEAN that you have resolved a conflict. They are feedback.

Resolved Conflict Phase

    • Warm hands and feet, fever possible.
    • Swelling, redness.
    • Tired, sleep for long periods.
    • Heart rate and blood pressure normalize.
    • Appetite returns.
    • Weight gain.
    • Compulsive thoughts about the conflict disappear, sense of relief.

So, what side of the body MEANS what?

Dr. Hamer being Dr. Hamer figured this out too! It has to do with embryology, as do the 4 different germ layers. Don’t worry, I’ll get to the answer quickly.

There’s a clapping test!

Whichever hand is more dominant in the act of clapping will tell you how you are wired biologically. Dr. Hamer called this LATERALITY. You are left dominant or right dominant, and it can be different from whether you write with your left or right hand. Which hand claps into the other? Which hand moves the most while clapping? The hand that moves the most is the “partner hand”. If your left hand moves the most, you are LEFT dominant. If your right hand moves the most, you are RIGHT dominant.

Go ahead, do it.

Have someone watch you while you do it, they may see what you do not. Or watch yourself in a mirror and when you’re done place the hand that moves the most on your head because a mirror reverses things. It may be confusing.

man clapping with right hand on top

A tricky thing about LATERALITY is that it does not apply to endodermal derived organs and their conflicts. Nor to some specific conflicts controlled from the cerebral cortex. That’s a complicated subject.

Laterality is important with muscular pain, the breast, some skin issues like rashes and pimples, some hearing issues, and some eye and teeth issues. No, I will not go into every disease known to man in this article, but here are some breadcrumbs. The asterisk indicates where laterality is meaningless.

– Skin rash means you resolved a separation conflict.

– Pimples mean you resolved a dirtiness or attack conflict.man wrapped in blanket w chills thermometer in mouth

– Vomiting means you resolved a territorial anger conflict.*

– Diarrhea means you resolved a morsel conflict.*

– Deafness means you resolved a hearing conflict.

– Sneezing means you resolved a stink conflict.*

– Urinary tract infection means you resolved a territorial marking conflict.*

You can find out more on this page → RESOURCES.

For some symptoms, like the ones I mentioned above, the side of the body MEANS that your conflict is associated with either your mom or your child (on one side), or a partner (on the other side). A partner is anyone who isn’t your mom or child. Pets could be either depending on your perspective of them.

Knowing WHO your conflict is associated with helps you to pinpoint the exact moment of the conflict and all its details so that you can contemplate how it resolved and even why the conflict happened in the first place. Something in you attracted that situation into your experience. Is it a recurring theme in your life?

Hm…wonder why?

Development of your 5th Intelligence helps you to discover all the layers of meaning underlying all symptoms.

Objectivity is key.

Here’s some sample 5th Intelligence Focus Cards ↓

Emotion by itself is not the root cause of anything.

We each have a unique spiritual journey, a body that reflects that journey, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that drive us to do the things we do, and emotions are built into all of it.

Emotion, mind, body, and spirit spiral together in every moment. In the same way that psyche, brain, and organ respond synchronously.

This is the essence of our 5th Intelligence.

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