Five Conflicts that Lead to Weight Gain

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What is common in all these conflicts is that they are all wired to a specific part of the kidney called the collecting tubules and there is an over arching sense of being completely alone. Something totally unexpected had to have happened for this program to be activated in the brain.

There are other types of conflicts that contribute to weight gain that are wired to different organs but the five above are key. It’s not overeating and lack of exercise that are the main culprits. Overweight people drink more fluids than what they eliminate. It’s a biological mechanism that reduces fluid excretion to preserve within the body both water and protein for survival.

Humans are social beings that require a sense of belonging to a family, a group, a town, a country, or a pack of some kind.

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One of the easiest ways to know if a person has suffered such a conflict is by their weight. Most people, and animals too, will carry extra water weight making them appear chubby or even obese.

There are many ways that these conflicts can be activated since they are subject to the psyche of an individual, the nuances of which are often hidden in the subconscious until great effort is made to reveal the soul’s secret yearnings.


To begin the search for the shocking, unexpected moment in time, ask:

When did weight gain begin the first time?

When did it happen again?

Then, use the enormous list below to nudge memories to the surface. It takes a sincere desire to know thyself and a committed focused contemplation of the things that stand out for you to find your greatest answers.

Keep in mind that all of our conflicts form our personality and therefore our behaviors. This does not make them bad, they define for us what lessons we are meant to learn in life.

Focus on each statement that catches your attention. Take your time to contemplate and note the exact date, if possible, what the circumstances were, who was involved, how you felt in that moment, what it meant to you, and if this situation is still unresolved.

You are searching for an unexpected shock, something you were not prepared for…

(Download this fillable PDF checklist and worksheet here: Discovery of Kidney Collecting Tubule Conflicts Responsible for Weight Gain or from the PDF viewer below)

How can you change your perspective or attitude about the situations you remembered to move towards forgiveness and a biological resolution that will release the excess water that your body is retaining?

4 feathers representing mind emotion body spirit
diagram of kidney collecting tubule locations

The Active Phase Begins in the Moment of an Unexpected Shock

    • Weight gain without a change in diet.
    • Drinking more fluid than is excreted.
    • Swollen in the morning.
    • Sock indentations or tight rings.
    • Cold hands or feet.
    • Constantly thinking about the conflict.
    • Disorientation with both kidneys affected.

The Resolution Phase for that Specific Event Also Begins in a Moment

    • Night sweats in the early morning hours.
    • Weight loss without a change in diet.
    • Frequent and copious urination perhaps for months.
    • Foamy smelly urine.
    • Protein in the urine.
    • Warm hands or feet.
    • More relaxed since the conflict has been resolved – thoughts now move onto other matters.

Symptoms are in direct proportion to the intensity of the conflict.


Sample 5th Intelligence Focus Cards:

Emotion by itself is not the root cause of anything.

We each have a unique spiritual journey, a body that reflects that journey, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that drive us to do the things we do, and emotions are built into all of it.

Emotion, mind, body, and spirit spiral together in every moment. In the same way that psyche, brain, and organ respond synchronously.

This is the essence of our 5th Intelligence.

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