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Yes, many people do not feel safe and haven’t since early 2020. No matter where you live, there have been and continue to be a lot of changes happening.

There’s no pretending that life hasn’t been challenging.

There’s no pretending that people haven’t died.

There’s no pretending that your reality isn’t what it is.

And, there’s no “pretending” in the I AM SAFE Exercise which I will explain below.

This is the foundation of The 5th Intelligence Consciousness Technology, and while there’s so much more to the technology, this exercise in its basic form can help to strengthen you right here, and right now.

To find out how it came to be go here: Genesis of the 5th Intelligence




I AM SAFE Exercise

The I AM SAFE Exercise

The I AM SAFE Experiential Exercise is comprised of four deliberate actions that direct my attention inward in the moment. It is the foundation of a consciousness technology distinctly different from the practices of meditation, mantra and affirmation use. It is designed to be practiced all day, every day, as you go about your life, with every breath.

Eyes open and mind alert.

Lowering your stress is the priority.

The four intelligences are deliberately activated by bringing focused attention and intention to each segment in the I AM SAFE Exercise. Each round lowers your stress in increments. What you are experiencing in any given moment will determine how many rounds are necessary for you to feel calmer.

In the beginning of this practice, it could take all your might to focus separately on each segment. Being able to do this takes patience, and a deep love for your life and personal journey. 

The First Goalpost is being able to do all four segments without interruption wherein no other thought arises. One round takes approximately 5 seconds. This is the amount of time it takes to inhale and exhale one breath. This takes practice since habitual thought can be difficult to notice when in the midst of its subtle activity.

The Second Goalpost is the ability to do this through a series of consecutive breaths. This is important because you will learn through this experience that you can feel more relaxed by the focus of your will.

It also establishes a recognizable baseline for you to reach when practicing as you go about your daily activities.

The more relaxed you can make yourself feel, the closer you can get to an objective state where your behavior is not dominated by emotional reactions, physical symptoms, or the actions of others.

No one around you will even know what you are doing. They may only notice a quiet pause and they may even take a deep breath themselves.

At first, while continuing to aim for doing the I AM SAFE Exercise with every breath, it may seem impossible. We all have work and family responsibilities that require attention. However, many of our regular mundane activities can be accomplished without much thought. Once you have reached the second goal post, you will find it fairly easy to practice the I AM SAFE Exercise while doing the laundry, house cleaning, gardening, and the like, with only minor interruptions.

By continually aiming to do the I AM SAFE Exercise with every breath, you are building “muscle memory” so to speak. It gets easier and more noticeably effective over time.

Emotion by itself is not the root cause of anything.

We each have a unique spiritual journey, a body that reflects that journey, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that drive us to do the things we do, and emotions are built into all of it.

Emotion, mind, body, and spirit spiral together in every moment. In the same way that psyche, brain, and organ respond synchronously.

This is the essence of our 5th Intelligence.

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