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Facilitating that which is already present to make itself known.

About Mikka

Mikka has been working with individuals and families since 1989.

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My Approach

Experiences are a mirror and reliable spiritual feedback.

Every thought, every emotion, every physical symptom, every relationship, every job, every family, every accident, every mistake is created for my evolution.

Life revolves around the unfinished business of my soul.

I can learn why what I thought was the last thing I needed was exactly what I needed.

Attitude is Everything.

Learned attitudes are a predisposition given by the soul to create experiences as feedback, until I turn those experiences into wisdom by developing new attitudes.


I am strongest when I take full responsibility for my own perceptions and experiences. For me to own something requires my willingness to destroy it and then act to do so.

The body reflects everything I accept about myself.

Biological programs controlled by my brain, generate compulsive, emotional, polarized thinking to bring awareness to my unresolved conflicts and disempowering attitudes.

Expression of my emotion is not neccesary.

Awareness of my emotion is crucial. It’s a signal to tell me that I am believing something about myself that isn’t true.

Mikka’s career in the healing arts started in 1989 with an Asian bodywork called shiatsu based on the five-element theory of Chinese medicine (O’Hashi Institute, NYC). She saw this as a means to assist people by understanding the personality based on meridian activity.

Naturally, then, Mikka had intimate discussions with her clients during their sessions. Right away, however, Mikka noticed incongruities between the five-element theory, her college level biology, physiology, and pathology training versus her clients’ stories.

This led her on a multi-decade journey that took her through countless hands on modalities, psychological theories, hundreds of books and programs (by the best sellers of the time), homeopathy, herbal remedies, and a variety of spiritual practices, including the native american medicine wheel, all of which she has discarded. None could answer her biggest question “Why am I here?”

(Mikka is a member of First Nations Canada, she is half Cree. Living in the US since 1987.)

Her relentless search was motivated by a desire for personal healing and the care of her 2 children, now adults.

Then in 2009, Mikka had a profound experience that changed the course of her life forever. This experience led to the creation of a consciousness technology called The Fifth Intelligence. (See: Genesis of the 5th Intelligence)

Little did she know at that time that it would fit in perfectly with the German Healing Knowledge (GHK) that would enter her life in 2012.

Coming from a medical family, Mikka was secretly relieved that GHK was a biology, and not just another mind-body guessing game.

In 2016, Mikka became a student at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment where she studies nature from the level of quantum physics.

The I AM SAFE Exercise, quantum physics, and GHK all align with the same natural laws in that there is absolutely no separation between the psyche, the brain, and organs, the personality, and behaviors, and what motivates each person to pursue specific pathways and experiences in their life.

Every thought, every emotion, every physical symptom, every relationship, every job, every family, every accident, every mistake is created for one’s evolution. Experiences are a mirror and reliable spiritual feedback.

Mikka works one on one with clients to help them trust, and interpret in new scientific ways, how their Soul’s agenda is the overriding authority of every experience.

It is a matter of being willing to learn new knowledge, applying that knowledge, and experiencing it personally.

In 2017, after 28 years of practice, Mikka surrendered her professional bodywork license believing that she helps people on a deeper level teaching them to see themselves from all angles, allowing new attitudes to arise from within.

Then, when the client is feeling lighter…light as a feather…off they go with a newly discovered purpose and the deepest trust in themselves that they have ever known.

Browse Mikka’s website and read her blogs to get to know her better.

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