Let Me Help You Discover Crucial Answers Hidden Within

Nothing is more important than knowing yourself.

With paradigm shifting natural sciences and a consciousness technology to teach you about you,

with help, you can remove the veils around your spiritual purpose utilizing what naturally arises within your 4 faculties of intelligence: mind, emotion, body, and spirit.

You will be able to develop your 5th Intelligence!

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I am Mikka Barkman and I have been helping people become more confident in themselves since 1989.

In 2009, I had an experience that changed the course of my life that led to the creation  of a consciousness technology I call The 5th Intelligence. You can read about it here.

In 2012, I began studying the biological science called GHK/GNM that defied all my previous science education. You can read a bit about it here.

In 2016, I started studying quantum physics (Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment) and that was the last straw, haha!

So, what you see on these pages draws from these 3 topics, most of which nobody knows anything about!

The links below take you to my blog where I try to put these pieces together for you. Pick a feather!

There’s free PDF downloads, a worksheet, and sample 5th Intelligence Focus Cards while you wait for its publication and updates about my next project, an ebook.

Please explore and subscribe.

Email me anytime using the contact forms provided throughout this site or click here.



Automatic vs Deliberate

yellow feather representing the mind


Emotion was a deception until now.

red feather representing emotion


Every symptom has meaning.

green feather representing the body


Make known what is already present.

blue feather representing spirit
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