Healing Process

The Healing Process

It is my experience that the healing process is initiated in a moment of cognitive realization that simultaneously “flicks a switch” in the body/emotions/spirit, causing the fight-or-flight mechanism to turn-off. The muscles relax immediately, emotions settle, and a general state of spiritual peace are obvious.

What happens next over days, weeks or months is most often called “sickness”, instead of the body’s natural healing process. We all have issues and conditioning that we have carried since birth. For some of us that is a long time. Most of us are carrying active conflicts from our ancestors as well. (The anger that some Native Americans still hold against the founders of America, and the guilt that the ancestors of these early settlers carried back then, are 2 strong examples of this. Many people during my life have apologized to me for what happened 500 years ago and it’s plain on their faces that they feel the remorse as if they themselves were responsible!) These issues are alive in the cells of the body affecting how we think, what we believe, how we behave and feel. In the healing process all this comes to the surface of our awareness in the shape of thoughts and emotions as well as the physical “undoing” process taking place in the body. And here is where modern medicine fails since we have been conditioned in our culture to view these symptoms as a sign that we have done something wrong, or that something is wrong with us and we need drugs or surgery to stop it. Stop a natural healing process? Why? It is now  commonly asserted by many medically trained people that the body knows what it is doing. However, despite this, symptoms are still labelled “sickness” and cancer is “the body attacking itself”. So, the body knows what it’s doing “most of the time” or “except when it comes to cancer”? These concepts are bound to raise many questions since they are in contrast to what we have been believing all our lives. There is mounting evidence out there in the world, if you know where to look, but you won’t find this information in main stream medical journals or text books, because the pharmaceutical industry owns them or pays for their production.

But, that’s another story.

There are a few analogies that come to mind to describe what a healing process is like. Healing is like peeling an onion is one of my favorites but there is some well-hidden and suppressed biology that originated in Germany 35 yrs ago that explains the healing process in minute detail. It’s alleviates fear and thus ends the cycle of trauma that only keeps the body in survival mode.  It’s called German New Medicine and it completely makes sense. In fact, it the only science I’ve found that validates my 28 years of observation working with thousands of people addresses mind/body/emotions and spirit.

It’s impossible to put the biology of the human body in a nutshell, but here goes: the body grows from 3 germ layers in the womb. These germ layers have different types of microbes that do the building of our body parts. These same microbes do all the healing of their respective body parts too, so, when we experience a trauma, depending on what kind of trauma it is and how devastating it is for us emotionally, the same microbes will step up to the plate and help us deal with the trauma. Sometimes this means  building more tissue, sometimes less tissue helps us more, and sometimes loss of function shows up….but these are necessary processes to ensure our survival. We have a SURVIVAL mechanism after all. When the trauma is resolved, the body relaxes, so to speak, and goes back to the pre-trauma state, which means that any extra tissue that was built will be shed, any tissue losses will be restored, and motor function returns. It’s like having a runny nose…mucous is activated to carry out tissues we don’t need anymore. A more significant example of this process is a woman’s menstrual cycle which involves loss of blood, it’s a necessary loss of blood. This is a natural process that is going on 24/7, so we don’t actually have an “immune system”, we just have our innate survival mechanism. Of course, some healing crises can be really intense and even be deadly, but if more medical people knew about this, patients in the high risk category, like healing crisis’ that cause heart attack or stroke,  could be supported in a hospital environment with all the gadgets of modern medicine available. Emotions and behaviors that occur during healing are also related to the specific germ layers and are predictable, and therefore less frightening. Evidence for all this can be seen on CT scans of the brain since traumas occur on the level of the mind, emotion, the body and the brain.

Healing will bring our awareness to memories and their associated emotions as well…we will actually feel them. It’s important to know this so a person doesn’t let all that stuff be in charge of them…it’s like the body is releasing these emotions and thoughts in gas form and we live cocooned in that gas for a period of time as it’s leaving our cells. Most people will need to be reminded of this and supported as it’s happening, because it takes a paradigm shift in thinking before  a person can do this on their own without panic setting in, which is what the pharmaceutical industry has trained us to do well.

The body will return the tissue to “normal” after the trauma passes which can take days or months depending on the tissue involved. Just as an example, a females reproductive organs have 30 day cycles and 9 month cycles. Our skin has roughly a 30 day cycle. This is also a key principle taught by the Medicine Wheel.

Obviously, knowing more about this biological perspective as it relates to you personally and having support are vitally important. “The I’m Safe Exercise™”  (book coming soon) can help enormously too because it helps keep stress levels down.

Other symptoms of positive change in a healing process might include:

  • increased sweating at any time of the day or night
  • increased bowl movements, even diarrhea
  • tiredness, feeling heavy, needing more sleep
  • muscle aches (yes they are a healing response!)
  • headache
  • skin eruptions, rashes
  • grouchiness, sadness, weepiness, agitation, fearfulness: emotions that seem out of sync with your current life circumstances (remember that these emotions have been buried in your body from previous experiences, ie: cellular memory)
  • physical symptoms that resemble previous illnesses

You can actually gauge your progress by carefully observing these things as they arise and remember to  assess everything from mental, emotional, physical and spiritual perspectives…acknowledging that this WAS how you felt and that you no longer need to carry it all around with you anymore!
In other words….for deep healing to occur, the old yucky stuff must come to the surface of your conscious thinking mind before it evaporates from your body in the form of gas and is transformed. (analogy)