About Mikka Barkman


Mikka is a member of Sachigo Lake First Nations in Northern Ontario. Her brand of healing has evolved over 28 years of practice and study. Formal training began at Ohashi Institute , NYC in 1989 where she studied shiatsu:

I found myself constantly distracted during practice sessions in class from the very beginning. I would set out to be a good little student and do what was assigned, only to notice that the person’s body was telling me something more. Later, in private practice a client would say something like: “that feels like thai bodywork, is that what you’re doing? Or, are you a psychotherapist? A psychic? I didn’t know what to call what I was doing most of the time in the early years. For me, I was just doing what came naturally, I didn’t try to analyze it, clients liked it and it worked. Colleagues asked me often to put a course together but I couldn’t teach what I was doing because I couldn’t define it. Then marriage and babies came along and my priorities changed.

A few years later I began to study other modalities to try to define what I was experiencing with clients and why they were able to change so profoundly.  I found some answers in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), osteopathy (Barral Institute: Viseral Manipulation), Positional Release and Muscle Energy Techniques, Tragger(R), Rolfing, Foot Shiatsu (Yamamoto), shiatsu in a variety of styles (Namikoshi) , acupressure, reflexology, craniosacral, Thai Bodywork, Barbara Brennan Energy Psychotherapy, The Bowen Method, Neurofeedback (American Biotech Corporation), various psychotherapy perspectives, yogas, and meditations, past life regression, hypnotherapy, crystal and chakra energy balancing and other metaphysical concepts, massage therapy and most importantly quantum physics.

But, it wasn’t until I was introduced to the science called German New Medicine that my experiences with people really started to make sense. It changed the foundation from which I had been viewing…well everything. It’s not a modality but a foundational science based on biology, embyrology, neurology, physiology and technology. For me, it validates the inseparable connections between the mind, the emotions, the body, and spirit. Coupled with quantum physics and the power of the mind…it’s a match made in Heaven.

Mikka was born in London, Ontario, Canada. Her father, now deceased, was a medical doctor (GP) who later specialized in hospital administration. Her mother, retired, was a nurse practitioner, who in the last 18 yrs of her career, worked among the Oji-Cree people of northern Ontario.

Mikka’s Grandfather, was the Anglican Minister at Sachigo Lake. Her Grandmother, Kokum, apparently had healing abilities of her own, but Mikka knows little about her.

Following the natural cycles of change, Mikka moved to the United States in 1987, where she currently resides. She is blessed with 2 amazing, highly creative adult children.

Mikka is available for speaking engagements about the I’m Safe Exercise™, and German New Medicine related topics.