Native American Healer

Mikka Barkman

First Nations Healer, 32 yrs in Practice

Helping clients to understand how their body is the outward expression of their soul’s agenda.

Chronic pain, digestive issues, thyroid conditions, weight gain, cancer diagnoses, depression, in fact, every physical manifestation has its roots within the subconscious. These symptoms are the Spirit’s attempt to bring vitally important information into conscious awareness. Thought processes, emotions, behaviors, and physical manifestations in the body are not only inseparable in each and every moment but they together create a most amazing feedback loop that ensures the evolution of the soul and spirit.

Deep contemplation of the Medicine Wheel provided the initial model for Mikka to understand the connection of the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of being human.  This philosophy was a tool to assist in personal inquiry and the development of volition.

Ultimately, it lead Mikka to seek greater understanding of her higher nature through the study of quantum physics and the biology called German New Medicine.